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Harassing Call Index

The HateCalls scale gives 435-554-7724 a score of 85. If calls from 435-554-7724 are making you mad, you’re in good company. Our investigation reveals a pattern of harassing calls from that number that is significantly higher than average. This could be a debt collection or collection agency call in violation of the fair debt collection laws.

We’re in the News:
“When debt collectors get it wrong, they just keep calling.”

Attorney Sergei Lemberg to AARP on collecting debt not really owed

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”When they ran into you, they ran into a buzz saw.”

Attorney Sergei Lemberg featured on Fox News, .

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“I’m delighted [Chrysler] is doing the right thing, though it took some prompting on our part.”

Consumer attorney Sergei Lemberg to the Los Angeles Times

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“That’s just the tip of the iceberg, as far as I’m concerned.”

Attorney Sergei Lemberg to the Los Angeles Times on the FTC’s debt collection complaint statistics

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“A single missed payment can cost you thousands of dollars.”

Attorney Sergei Lemberg to ABC News on auto loan co-signers

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Questions You Could Be Asking

Questions and Answers...

Question: Might it be possible to impede the rude telephone calls I have been taking? Answer: You couldn't believe it if I told you how many I receive stories talking about law breaking phone representatives each month. To be frank, this makes me angry. There are regulations which these types of businesses must adhere to, or they'll feel penalties. Discover how, call my office today.
- Lemberg Law Team
Question: I have not a single idea of what I should do in regards to unwelcome calls from companies. my wife and I could use your guidance. It's intimidating dealing with them. Answer: There are a ton of lawyers in existence, but what you will require is a has background with this specific arena of law. Right when you speak to my office, you're speaking with a team that has represented more than 15,000 clients. We have collected a breathtaking thirty-five million dollars to their gain because we do not cower.
- Lemberg Law Team
Question: My spouse and I really feel that the telephone calls we are getting cannot be lawful. The phone calls are really exasperating. What should be done? Answer: It upsets me to no end when I listen to honorable folks like you that are getting prodded by merciless telephone representatives who are skirting federal and state law. It's a situation that emails into this law firm daily. You must stand up, start by giving us a call.
- Lemberg Law Team
Question: It's hard for my family to take the stress of constant unsolicited phone calls. Can we stop the telephone calls? Answer: I can empathize in what you are saying. Those unwelcome can be irritating, but it gets terrible when representatives become threatening. Because of state and federal rules, this is not a situation you need to tolerate. Call me today to find out more.
- Lemberg Law Team
The following are some other ways of writing this phone number:
+1 435-554-7724, +1 4355547724, 4355547724, +14355547724, (435) 554-7724

What do Cell Phone Robocalls look like?

Attorney Sergei Lemberg gives hypothetical examples of potential TCPA violations.

Ever have this happen to you? Louise was running tardy for a dinner meeting as her mobile phone vibrates. She looked at the screen and rolled her eyes as she saw that was calling once again, the exact same number that's been bugging her for weeks. Now she's got a conundrum. Will she keep looking for her lost purse or, answer the call and listen to the clicks and static she normally hears before the human's voice begins talking so she can tell then to quit calling? The conversation's become a big hassle that's returned on four occasions this week alone, however at this moment she needs to worry about her plans first. If you are receiving auto-dialed phone calls to your cell it could violate the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

Has this ever happened to you? Robin is running around her townhouse making certain all of her phones are silenced before she lies down. She does not need the callers from phoning and disturbing her rest again. They have phoned her as early as 6 AM and sometimes as late as 10:30 PM when she's trying to sleep. It has gotten so ridiculous with the many requests that they stop calling at such irregular times that she's contemplated getting a different number. She has become sick and tired and she's wondering if there are any other courses of action she can take. If you are receiving calls calling you before 8 in the morning or after 9 PM it might be a violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

Here’s how it works…

  1. We'll stop harassing and unwanted collection calls.
  2. We'll sue for harassing calls.
  3. We'll get a settlement offer.
  4. We'll collect the settlement for calls you got.
  5. We'll deduct our fee.
  6. We'll send you a check.
We’ve helped more than 18,000 consumers rake in more than $35 million. Add your name to the list. Sergei Lemberg, Esq. Principal, Lemberg Law

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Share your story

What’s your rant? Post a comment about your experience with this caller.

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Opt out

Talk to a real person and simply say, "Stop calling me." Or opt out using their automated system.

Complain to the FCC

File a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission.

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Get on the DNC Registry

Add your home and cell phone numbers to the
Do-Not-Call Registry to stop law-abiding callers.

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Complain to the FTC

If you've been on the
Do-Not-Call Registry for 31+ days and are still getting calls, file a complaint.

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