We Stop Harassing Calls. Here’s How.

Debt collection calls make you feel helpless. Robocalls annoy you. We can stop harassing calls and even make the callers pay you.

Sound too good to be true? The truth is, we deliver. That’s why we’ve been named the most active consumer law firms in the country. We’ve been down this road thousands of times. We know the landscape. And we can drive your case to a successful conclusion.

How it Works

When we take your case, we flag down the harassing caller. Maybe it’s a debt collection agency. It could be a company’s robocaller. It could even be a commercial spam texter. We let them know that we’ve got their number.

If the caller knows they’ve violated the law – either the Telephone Consumer Protection Act or the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (or both) – they usually offer a monetary settlement. This can happen before the first document is ever filed in court.

If not, we go ahead and file your lawsuit. They usually come around and offer to settle. If not, though, we put our foot on the gas and litigate your case to get you the best possible result.

We’ll keep you in the loop, inform you of your options, and allow you to make the decision that’s best for you and your family.

We Deliver

The bottom line? If the calls you hate are violating the law, we’ll stop the calls and get you the justice you deserve. And, a nice chunk of money to boot.

How much? It depends. Everybody’s different. Every case is different. But the law says between $500 and $1,500 per call for TCPA violations. And maybe another $1,000 for FDCPA violations if it’s a debt collector who’s harassing you. We take a percentage for our fee, and you get the rest.

With Lemberg Law at the wheel, you’ll be able to relax. Reclaim your life. And make the harassing callers pay YOU.